Let's get your First 10 Customers

Together, we’ll craft an initial offer, get you leads, and coach you to start winning more deals.

The Problem

Without customers, you’re losing time and money, and your business’s future is at risk.

You’re unclear on who your customers are

You’re not sure how to get leads

You’re not sure how to win deals

The LeadFlow StarterKit

Start doing Founder-Led sales in just 3 steps.

1. Easy Offer Tune-Up Workshop

We dive in to understand your customers, craft your offer, set the right prices, and then update your LinkedIn and website with your attractive new offer. 

2. Smart Network Builder

Next, we setup all the apps you need to fill your inbox with DMs from your ideal customer. 

3. LeadFlow Premium Community

Join our community of new founders to turn DMs into sales! Get weekly coaching with Diego, access to other founders and content (like videos, and templates). 

It’s like Founder-Led Sales–in a box–on easy mode.

I help you figure out all the apps you need

… and more

How does it work?

Diego explains the process in this video.


Easy Offer Tune-Up






LeadFlow StarterKit

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LeadFlow Premium



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Invite team members for just $149 each


Ollie Whitfield
Ollie Whitfield
Webinar Expert
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Extremely skilled and knowledgeable in growing early stage companies. No fluff, to the point and direct in helping call out areas for improvement or change. I vouch heavily!
Stephen Renold
Stephen Renold
Read More
Working with Diego has been an absolute game-changer for me. His expertise in sales strategy and communication skills is awesome. Thanks to Diego's guidance, I've not only improved my sales ...
Pawel Nical
Pawel Nical
RevOps & Outbound Advisor
Read More
As a fellow advisor, I've found Diego's expertise in value-based pricing to be a rare blend of deep knowledge and practical application. His insights have been instrumental in reshaping my approach to ...
Trevor Wichmann
Trevor Wichmann
Fmr. COO Verizon Robotics
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Together, we grew Verizon's drone program into one of the largest in the U.S. Diego delivers customer value that drives revenue growth. Period.
Bryce Arii
Bryce Arii
Founder, Humagined
Read More
The Easy Offer Tune-Up workshop was amazing! It helped break down a complicated offer into easy to understand, easy to buy, clear, base offer! I highly recommend this workshop!


Can you help with B2B Services & SaaS?

Yes! This system works great for either SaaS or Services.

Can you help with
B2C Sales?

No. This program is not a good fit for B2C.

Is 1-on-1 coaching available?

Yes! Contact us for details.

Do you offer other

Let’s talk about it! Book a call on our website.

Do you edit my website and profile?

We can refer you to a website agency for help updating your site.

Are there other costs I need to know about?

Yes. The apps we recommend range from $0-$99/month. You can trial them for free.