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About Me & UnlockTheROI™

As the former VP of Professional Services at Verizon Robotics, I experienced firsthand how a well-known brand can simplify sales—it was easy to get responses with @verizon.com in my email.

However, I fell out of love with the corporate world which is why I burned the boats and founded my own business.

Selling under my new brand was an eye-opener, highlighting how different the market reacts to new offers from new founders.

What's it like working together?

Reverse engineering to ensure outcomes

‘Extreme Ownership’ style of accountability

Camaraderie in everything we do

That’s why I founded UnlockTheROI… to help founders that are also transitioning from W2 brain to owning their own business.

Together, we launch new offers that secure the most critical first 10 customers. 

My approach leverages my +10 years of experience launching new offers in B2B Services and SaaS.

When I’m not working, I fly planes, host a podcast, and love challenging my mind and body out in sunny St. George.

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Diego Barrera

Founder, UnlockTheROI