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About Me & UnlockTheROI™

A favorite memory was when our customer perked up and said 'Wait... you handle ALL THAT?! 👀' Blown away that we had taken the time to solve certification, training, program management, and even the hardware needs.

We knew we were on to something when 100% of these customers stayed subscribed. The feeling of Product Market Fit is not one that you quickly forget. Since then, we've followed a simple recipe that has allowed us to take multiple offers to market from 0 to over 7 digits.

Here's our recipe:

  1. The peer sale and Social DMs

  2. Offer creation based on the value discrepancy

  3. A never give up mindset

This approach was bred in our over 10 years of B2B SaaS and Services sales experience.

This is why I started UnlockTheROI. To help founders in a launch stage of their journey to get their value out to market quickly.

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Diego Barrera

Founder, UnlockTheROI™



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